PED – year 3 – Day care

Pedagogy internship: mentally handicapped children

Social issue: Inclusion.
In Nepal in general, but in the rural area’s in particular,
children with disabilities are being shunned and neglected. A disability is often seen as some type of punishment by the gods and children are being kept out of sight and out of school. In the cities the situation ia a little bit better, but care is still only available for a very limited number of children.

Project location: Two day care centers that offer daily programs to children with various types of disabilities. The programs include physical group activities like dancing and yoga, life skills like washing hands and brushing teeth and easy level reading and math in small groups. Lunch is being prepared by a small group of children under supervision of a care giver.

Target group: Children (5-15 y/o) and youngsters (15-25 y/o) with mental disorders attending one of the two day care centers.

Assignment: Pedagogy students are requested to design and conduct activities for children with specific disabilities and challenges, either in small groups on or an individual basis. The newly introduced activities can be presented and shared with the team of care givers in the form of workshops or presentations. Pedagogy students are also encouraged to reach out to family members of the children and involve them in additional care at home.

Supervision: Is being carried out by one of our qualified senior care givers, mr. or mrs. Shresta who have been running the center for years.

Practical information

Accomodation: All volunteers that work in Nepal on projects facilitated by Maya Foundation stay in a host family near the project site during the week. During the weekends, volunteers stay in Pokhara, together with the entire group of volunteers.*

Costs: The costs for accommodation and meals in the host family during the week, accommodation during the weekend, supervision by Maya and the onboarding week are some € 440,- a month. You will probably spend an additional € 200,- per month on food and activities during weekends and holidays. 

Guidance: We offer additional guidance on site by a Dutch Maya crew member. Available 24/7 for all kinds of practical matters and fun activities. 

* Please note: All accommodations and transfers are being taken care of by our partner Maya Travel. For actual costs and more see: